Most Organisations are not Customer Focussed: so says Gallup

Very few organisations would say they aren’t customer focussed. But unfortunately customers themselves disagree. And since its customers who giveth life and taketh it away, perhaps we had better listen to them.

Gallup research, published in their Guide to Customer-Centricity, found that B2B companies are struggling to grow with 71% of their customers indifferent, disengaged, or not adequately having their needs met and, as a result, considering moving their business elsewhere.

The glass half full way of looking at it means these B2B firms are “leaving cash on the table”, according to Gallup. There are opportunities among existing customers provided firms go out and can find out what they want. Instead, companies seem happy trying to sell more of what they have to new prospects rather than build on the customers they have already despite the high costs of acquisition of new ones. Product push before customer pull.

It takes a brave and strong minded soul to admit their organisation is not customer focussed. Nobody wants to be the nay-sayer or undermine the efforts of overloaded, under-appreciated colleagues. And besides, that next role may just be dependent on our friends and colleagues, so why be the one to make a fuss?

Of course finding extra customer value is strategic and it can be easy to miss in times of uncertainty and challenging economic conditions. Doing something different means stopping doing something and doing something else instead. It feels risky.

What opportunities is your organisation missing out on? How are you going to capture them? Maybe we can help.


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