Satellite Communications IPO

The Challenge

The organisation, formally under multi-government control was looking forward to an IPO. However, to optimise the perceived value of the IPO offer, changes in the direction of the organisation and a new strategy were needed that would point to a future of revenue growth and increased profits.

Our Approach

To deal with the technology-driven stance of the organisation, we began by re-assessing what business the organisation was really in from their customers perspective. We then analysed and uncovered the market segments and the opportunities open to the client. Through a series of workshops we agreed the priorities for future revenues, markets, new products and profits. As a result, a clear strategy to develop the business over the next 10 years emerged.

The Outcome

The IPO was eventually postponed, but the organisation re-positioned itself and reduced its dependence on a single market segment by successfully developing new business and consumer segments.

What we learned

Even when working with genuine rocket scientists, armed with robust customer insight opportunities that were previously hidden became clear to almost everyone resulting in smoother and successful organisational change.